My Story

I am an experienced software developer, particularly using Microsoft’s .NET stack (9+ years) & C++. My interests range from math related problems, to Game/Web development.

In 2003, as a freshman in college, a friend, Carlos Tejada, and I created Dominican Republic’s first online gaming community, we called it Dominican Cyber Games (DCGames). After two years of hard work and dedication, Verizon acquired us. Since, I have been dedicated to learning how to make games.

I am currently a graduate student at The Guildhall @ SMU’s Masters for Interactive Technology program, specializing in Software Development.

The digital game industry has been of my interest for a long time. I am passionate about the synergy of writers, programmers and artists converging into a team with a common goal: captivate even the most demanding gamers through unforgettable game play mechanics and story.

Outside of programming I enjoy Association football (Halá Madrid!), Chess, and sports in general. I like dancing to salsa and listening to music while attempting to understand the meaning of life :)~

My Skills


Compiled Multi-purpose Languages


Scripting Languages


Graphics API’s


Libraries and Run-time Environments




I am an open source developer

I learn in the open at GitHub, where others can benefit from my experience and use the code that I write as they see fit. I also take part in open source projects and communities such as Microsoft’s open source Web frameworks.

I do not have a particular philosophy about open source development, but I do believe that code is rarely the corner stone of a business model. There are positive benefits from engaging in discussion and collaboration with the open source community.

I write online content

On my free time,  I share my findings with the world by writing technical content on subjects of personal interest. I write about a wide variety of topics, including coding contest problems, game development for the web, technical book reviews, etc.

I try to write about software as I develop it, aiming to both document my thought processes and provide insight of my experiences for other people’s benefit.

Read more about my skills and work experience: Onward to my résumé!