My Story

I am an experienced software developer, particularly using Microsoft’s .NET stack (9+ years) & C++. My interests range from math related problems, to Game/Web development.

In 2003, as a freshman in college, a friend, Carlos Tejada, and I created Dominican Republic’s first online gaming community, we called it Dominican Cyber Games (DCGames). After two years of hard work and dedication, Verizon acquired us. Since, I have been dedicated to learning how to make games.

In December 2014, I graduated from The Guildhall @ SMU Masters for Interactive Technology program, specializing in Software Development. During this program, I got the Honors recognition for my work on “ConConJS“, a tool that allows the user to analyze and improve their code portability. It does so, by leveraging the power of code static analysis. It provides code shims and specific feedback on how to improve code for better cross compilation results. Thus, accelerating coding best practices and the adoption of portable coding standards for multiplatform development.

The digital game industry has been of my interest for a long time. I am passionate about the synergy of writers, programmers and artists converging into a team with a common goal: captivate even the most demanding gamers through unforgettable game play mechanics and story.

Outside of programming I enjoy Association football (Halá Madrid!), Chess, and sports in general. I like dancing to salsa and listening to music while attempting to understand the meaning of life :)~

My Skills


Compiled Multi-purpose Languages


Scripting Languages


Graphics API’s


Libraries and Run-time Environments




I am an open source developer

I learn in the open at GitHub, where others can benefit from my experience and use the code that I write as they see fit. I also take part in open source projects and communities such as Microsoft’s open source Web frameworks.

I do not have a particular philosophy about open source development, but I do believe that code is rarely the corner stone of a business model. There are positive benefits from engaging in discussion and collaboration with the open source community.

I write online content

On my free time,  I share my findings with the world by writing technical content on subjects of personal interest. I write about a wide variety of topics, including coding contest problems, game development for the web, technical book reviews, etc.

I try to write about software as I develop it, aiming to both document my thought processes and provide insight of my experiences for other people’s benefit.

Read more about my skills and work experience: Onward to my résumé!